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Things I’ve made lately now that I have some time…

A somewhat off-beat Mother’s Day “card” for my mom:

The left is the lid to the box and the right is the inside when opened.

(Why, yes, I was inspired by Joseph Cornell’s work when I saw it at the impressionable age of 18.)

A simple 4 year anniversary “card” for Mr. Man:


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I just discovered that I was tagged by Bricolagelife to share a picture and I got all excited.  I know her as Sosser, but I do believe her name is Sandra.  However, I am getting hives just typing that because of my strange phobia (see #20).  Anyway, I was supposed to share the eighth picture in my eighth photo folder and wouldn’t you know it, it was a photo of one of my cats.  Not only that, but one that I have actually already shared before.  So I decided to share the third photo in the third folder.

This is a shot of my fabric scrap bowl with all the bits that I hate to throw away because I want to sew them into a scrappy….thing.  I’m not sure what.  (If you heard a large popping noise, that was Mr. Man’s head exploding because I am saving yet another thing for yet another indefinite project.)  The bowl itself is pretty awesome, with a 70s, green flower painted on the bottom.

Now I’m supposed to tag three people, but I can never pick!!!  Instead, here are three links:

Hark, A Vagrant! (quite amusing, often literary comic strips)

The Bright Side Project (lovely giveaways every day and the ladies in charge put a LOT of work into it)

popbar on Simple Song (another reason to go to New York)

It took me a while to find out about Sosser’s tag because I have been away for a few days.  Mr. Man worked with my dearest, bestest friend to get her to come down for a visit as my graduation gift!  We spent two days just talking and trying to get baby to kick me.  (Baby is still a bun in the oven.)  What a nice way to start summer!!!

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