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January 2, 2009 at 9:32 pm Leave a comment

I’m finally sharing the tutorial for the last item in my gift package to Kat — simple corsets for napkins!

Step 1 – find adorable vintage cross-stitched napkins (or any napkins really):


Step 2 – Cut and hole-punch a rectangle of stiff felt and 1/8″ grosgrain ribbon in whatever colors your heart desires:

napkins-003-13(You get extra points if you take a crooked picture and refuse to learn how to straighten it on your computer before sharing it with the world.)

Note: my particular rectangle is something like 1″ by 3″ and yours should be long enough to contain the napkin of your choice, as you’ll see in later steps. Also, the holes are punched in the same size as your ribbon – 1/8″ in this case.

Step 3 – Bend the felt into a ring and thread the ribbon through the holes like you would for a brand new pair of sneakers:


Step 4 – Fold your napkin into a square (or a rectangle should work too) and roll into a cone shape:


(Look–you can see my fingers. My thumb wrinkles look particularly rotund. Rotund and cute.)

Step 5 – Slip the napkin cone into the pre-laced ring ‘o felt and tie the ribbon shut:


Step 6 – Repeat for the whole set, nestle them in some tissue paper, and mail off to your lovely friend:


That’s it! No-sew, and I’m sure there are a million other materials that could be used instead. If you decide to experiment with some corset napkin rings of your own design be sure to share them with me!


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