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Things I hate right now:

  1. My cat has suddenly started drinking out of the toilet if given the opportunity. The. Toilet. She is a cat. Not a dog. Where did this come from???
  2. That my back hurts like the dickens. It feels like when I got whiplash on our Adventuremoon, but this time I didn’t do anything besides sleep in my bed. I am only sitting here gingerly because I am absolutely sick of sitting on the couch.

Things that make me realize I am a BIG WHINY BABY for even thinking about complaining:

  1. Nie Nie‘s tragedy. I have never read her crafty blog before, but she and her husband were recently in a plane crash that left them both in the burn ward of the hospital for months of recovery. They have four young children who are being taken in my family members several states away, and many people in the craft-blog world have reached out for a charity auction day today. Here are just a few links:

Design Mom (lists the 165+ auctions)

Sugar City Journal

Simple Song

Creative Thursday

The Nielson’s crash was also fatal for their flight instructor, Doug Kinneard and my heart breaks for these strangers, partly because I can’t imagine the pain they (and their families) are going through, and partly because I can imagine that there are so many other people out there also suffering through tragedies like this. Luckily the Nielson children have a good support system and it sounds like they are all strong in their faith. And as horrible as this is for them, I am grateful that I am able to listen to their story via the internet because their situation has made me pause to give genuine thanks for the beauty of my life.


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