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June 18, 2008 at 9:49 pm Leave a comment

I am tired of using the word “random” so often on my blog. It is still an important word to me because I love contrast, learning new things, and mixing everything up (but mostly because I prefer not to think that I am just plain scattered). Instead I am going to use “indiscriminate” to describe this collection of links. [Perhaps I should make this a weekly post topic.]

1. Walk Score – Great site that shows how “walkable” a neighborhood is, including locations of schools, restaurants, grocery stores, and such. My suburb got a 42/100 – ugh. But my friends who live downtown have 90/100! (via TheSimpleDollar, a nice frugality blog.)

2. Erno-Erik Raitanen – Gorgeous use of bacteria! That’s right—that’s what I said. This artist grew (?) bacteria on photo negatives and the results are lovely. His statement that these are similar to Rorschach inkblots rings true for me because I keep seeing the sky in this one, looking up from underground. (via NotCot)

3. DrKnit – Somebody has knit a lobster sweater. A sweater. For a lobster. Fantastic! (via Craft)

4. NatGeo – Go watch this video about a poor, balding penguin who was a social misfit until clever people made him a teeny little penguin wet suit. [And now I am thinking the Misfit song from Rudolph.] (via my feed for National Geographic News which is a tiny bit like getting my beloved magazine still)

5. EmceeEsher РGreat ink illustrations. I love lines in general and this graphic quality mixed with the organic splattering is so appealing to me.  (via NotCot)



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