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Work from talented artist slinkachu‘s Inner City Snail project.  (Also check out his little people work.)

I’ve been tagged!  I know most people say (or act) like they don’t want to write 7 quirky facts about themselves, but hey–if you are blogging you must already like to share all your craziness with the world.  So, I am excited that my friend Sheasy tagged me and I can now regale you all with my weirdness…

1.  I used to dream of being on Double Dare (the 80s Nickelodeon children’s game show).  Tell me you didn’t plan your strategy for the obstacle course on that show!  Well, I got it into my head that you would be asked to share your hidden talent if you were a contestant, so in preparation I taught myself to say the alphabet backwards.  Clever.  I can still kinda do it.

2.  It took me 20 minutes to teach my cat to sit on command.  Next up is teaching her to give a high five!

3.  I’m not a particularly wedding-obsessed girl, but my absolute favorite part is to watch the groom’s face as the bride enters the aisle.  Everyone else is focused on the lovely lady (or guy as the case may be) but I’m telling you that the most honest, touching, lovely moment is the groom’s eyes lighting up.  Tears.

4.  I dream in color, but without sound.  Except for only one dream ever which consisted of a simple little ditty that I still remember.  Ask me and I’ll sing it for you.  Also, the vast majority of nightmares throughout my life have featured animals.

5.  The only two radio stations I listen to in my car are NPR and a Hip-Hop station.  I find that they contrast very nicely and keep each other fresh.  I wonder if I would break Pandora if I tried to make my own station.

6.  I have a bachelor’s degree in theatre and I have done all of the following: directed a play, written a full-length play, designed sets/costumes/lights for several plays, and acted in several more.  My desire to be a jill-of-all-trades manifests itself yet again.

7.  I always shake my (1%) milk before pouring it, not because I like it frothy but because I once bought non-homogenized milk years ago and I can’t get over my weird texture issues.  Don’t even try to get me to eat yogurt with fruit on the bottom.

Ahhh, I have shared with the world.  It is fun even if people tell you that they don’t want a captive audience so I am going to tag a few other people–but I will save that for tomorrow.  G’night!


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