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i’m back!

I’m back!  Actually, I have been here most of the past week, but I had visiting to do.  My wonderful brother flew down from Seattle and we:

  1. went to a farmer’s market and bought tons of strawberries
  2. surprised our mom for lunch
  3. drove up to the mountains to see some of our favorite aunts and uncles
  4. went to the local art museum
  5. cooked yummy barbecue chicken (west coast style) with all the market veggies
  6. finally brought home one of the best thrift store deals I’ve ever found ($8 desk for making!)
  7. took our littlest brother to the indoor go-kart track for his birthday
  8. collapsed after all that

My aunt and uncle’s backyard in the mountains (#3) was amazing, but I only pretend to know how to use my camera and the pictures turned out pretty horrible.  The shot at the top is looking past the corner of their gazebo with sun streaming down and tall pines edging their lawn.

These are a few succulents that sit on the steps to their otherwise leafy garden.  I wanted to put this little pot in my back pocket and inch sideways out to my car, but I think they might have noticed.

They had a gazebo, waterfall, koi pond, fruit garden with greenhouse, outdoor kitchen, and firepit amid the nicely curated mix of native plants–all without looking contrived or overdone.

And I wanted to share this pic for several reasons.  I love that the neighbor has an old red pickup out front and that they have this fantastic view of pine trees out their door.  I also wanted to point out that the “fog” in the trees there is not cool, misty fog on a brisk mountain morning, but rather stinging, sooty smoke in the middle of the day from the 800(!) wildfires that were burning in California.  I think a lot of people outside of California think we are crazy for living with earthquakes and fires, but honestly most of us are never affected by these events.  Now after not being able to see the sky for most of a week I think maybe we are crazy.

Back home with blue skies I got quite choked up when my brother had to leave so I think I’ll go drown my sorrows with some good old fashioned sewing.  See you soon!


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feeling stitchy

The fabled Etsy shop is not yet open, but I am almost ready with the first set of cards to be posted in all their thread-y glory.

Each note card has assymetrical lines of yellow and white thread sewn across the cover with an accent line along the edge.  (Purple in the picture above.)  This set also has red, teal, and apricot and the envelopes have a single yellow line sewn across the envelope flap.  Everybody loves getting mail and I think a quilter or seamstress might get an extra kick out of one of these.

The best part is that I’m using materials that I already had on hand (sort of internal thrifting) and the packaging materials will be recyclables like magazines and cereal boxes.

Stay tuned for a pre-grand opening soon!

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I am feeling particularly flighty lately.  Especially when it comes to crafting and artwork and other creative things that I know I would enjoy doing if only I could complete something.  So, because I am lazy and not above a good pun for a post title I think it is high (get it?) time I post some bird pictures.

[Not just any bird pictures, but shots we took at an English aviary/nature preserve.]

What gorgeous animals!  And to prove that I am not superficial and that I love all birds equally here is one of their roommates who “has a great personality.”

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I have just discovered heaven.

  1. Buy delicious, dark chocolate covered caramels from Trader Joe’s.  (Or end up with them at home because Mr. Man insists that somebody else must have put them in his cart by mistake.)
  2. Microwave for a few seconds until gooey.
  3. Eat with spoon.
  4. Thank me for changing your life.

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indiscriminate linkage

I am tired of using the word “random” so often on my blog. It is still an important word to me because I love contrast, learning new things, and mixing everything up (but mostly because I prefer not to think that I am just plain scattered). Instead I am going to use “indiscriminate” to describe this collection of links. [Perhaps I should make this a weekly post topic.]

1. Walk Score – Great site that shows how “walkable” a neighborhood is, including locations of schools, restaurants, grocery stores, and such. My suburb got a 42/100 – ugh. But my friends who live downtown have 90/100! (via TheSimpleDollar, a nice frugality blog.)

2. Erno-Erik Raitanen – Gorgeous use of bacteria! That’s right—that’s what I said. This artist grew (?) bacteria on photo negatives and the results are lovely. His statement that these are similar to Rorschach inkblots rings true for me because I keep seeing the sky in this one, looking up from underground. (via NotCot)

3. DrKnit – Somebody has knit a lobster sweater. A sweater. For a lobster. Fantastic! (via Craft)

4. NatGeo – Go watch this video about a poor, balding penguin who was a social misfit until clever people made him a teeny little penguin wet suit. [And now I am thinking the Misfit song from Rudolph.] (via my feed for National Geographic News which is a tiny bit like getting my beloved magazine still)

5. EmceeEsher – Great ink illustrations. I love lines in general and this graphic quality mixed with the organic splattering is so appealing to me.  (via NotCot)


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I was just finishing up a strawberry-cherry-chocolate smoothie that Mr. Man made (she bragged, nonchalant) and I decided to share a few little things sitting around on one of my many cluttered work tables:

A 1960s cruise line ad from a National Geographic. I did a little Googling and discovered that this ship is still in service under a different name.

Possibly the world’s coolest shirt tag, from a thrifted polo.

Detail of a little thread sculpture that was prompted by a bobbin that went flying across the floor. I’ve discovered that my mind reacts in interesting ways when presented with a random item rather than having the perfect materials at hand.  This is shaping up into a scribbly little cloud with yellow knots and teal raindrops.  I think it would look sweet in a little girl’s room.  Perhaps it will be one of the first pieces to go into my Etsy shop!

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I didn’t take any pictures of the sewing I have been doing, but I will make up for that with a tutorial soon. (As soon as the Pay It Forward packages go out.) Instead I thought I would gush about how much I love green. Not just the color, but more specifically plants. Trees make me happy.  I sigh and smile and continually repeat the phrase “this is SO beautiful” whenever I visit a lush location.

This includes leaves and ferns and flowers. Some of my favorite places on this planet are redwood forests and cypress groves.

That may be why I take so many dang landscape shots. (Mr. Man is the portrait-taker.)  The happy little flower above is one of the few decent pictures from my brother-in-laws MBA graduation day.  (No matter how diligent you are about bringing your camera, it doesn’t help if you forget the memory card.)

So, while this blog has taken a decided detour from crafting, I enjoy being able to share my photos.  Any one else so enamored of shrubberies?  Or could you do without trees altogether and move to Nevada in a heartbeat?  I would go visit you.  Once.

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