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I decided it is high time for another random links post, so here goes. Be forewarned — these are not related in any fashion other than that they interest me.

1. Absolutely gorgeous aerial photography of David Maisel (via a new favorite blog: Jen Bradford). His work is so rich and beautifully abstract:

2. I think I have a very good reason to now move to Chicago. So I can attend the University of Chicago. So I can go to their future library. (And yes, I think a library is a perfectly suitable reason for moving.) The reading level will be under a giant glass dome and the books will be stored underground where a mechanical system will retrieve them for you. (via NotCot):

3. Some odd matches with tiny little animal faces (from TheDieLine‘s collection of packaging from a trip to Japan, via NotCot):

While I am vaguely attracted to these I think I would be creeped out by lighting their teensy little heads on fire. Also check out DieLine’s other packaging examples for some nice (and not all cutesy) design.

4. One of my favorite little joys in life is to watch the NASA (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) staff whenever a launch or landing is announced to be a success. I love this! I get all choked up and giddy for these amazing rocket scientists as they burst into clapping, cheering, and laughter, then hug everyone in sight. [A new Mars lander reached the red planet. How mind-boggling is it that we humans can DO that?!!]

5. Thanks to How About Orange I have spent way too much time on this highly addictive photo site (Bakumatso Koshashin Generator) that makes your photos look old:

6. And lastly, via Craft, is this DIY accordion envelope organizer from Paper Source. I love me some organization. Especially when I can make it myself.

Hope you enjoyed a peek into how my scattered brain works!


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May-mas & more weeds

Yay–I finally gave 2 of 3 late Christmas May-mas gifts to the girls and am risking that #3 doesn’t check my blog before I give her the last one, because I am impatient like that.  I am also impatient enough to post horrible pictures:

They are fully lined (and reversible) totes with a pocket on the inside.  I used fabrics that reminded me of each friend (Ikea modern print and linen for Sheasy on the left and dark green canvas and vintage floral for Jen on the right).  Mr. Man was even able to look at the stacks of fabric and tell who was getting which.  Now I have one left to hand out and I will be finished with Christmas…five months later!  And if I ever learn how to email pictures from my phone I can share the repurposed tunic I made into a tote for my dear friend Jolie (whoiscomingtovisitinonlyoneweekohmygoodnessImsoexcited).  A girl can never have too many totes.

Now, since I am very often scattered and like to randomly switch topics here is the amazing thing from my yard:

That little round-leaf green thing in the back of the pot is the flower we bought last year and never planted.  We did our best to kill it (see the brown twig at the top left?), but it managed to regrow this spring.  Then a little weed started growing in the pot as well.  (That is the greenery that is reaching toward you frantically in the foreground.)  I had already pulled it up once to save my poor, determined little flower and went to pull it up once and for all when I found this:

Flower: top half of pot.  Evil invasive weed: bottom left corner.  Amazing bit: that round, brown lump in the center.

When I started to pull out the “weed” I was amazed to find a walnut attached to the roots!  I know most people would not be so affected, but I find nature to be wow-inducing.  And most of that wow around here comes in the form of “Wow–look how tall that dandelion plant tree can grow.”  Not “Wow–a squirrel must have buried one of our neighbor’s walnuts last winter and it decided to grow without any human intervention.”  Needless to say I pushed it back into the dirt and am trying to find a good home for it.  I think I will name it Archibald.  Or Herbert.

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friendly musings

In order to remind myself of some of the great things in my life — recent musings about friends…

  1. I’m one of those lucky gals who considers her Mr. Man to be her best friend.  (I know, schmoopy and sickeningly sweet, but it’s the truth.)  He gave me my rap name: Chunky T.
  2. My dear (non-spouse) best friend is coming down to visit my general area in just nine days!  Yippee!!!
  3. I think I am something of a mix of two of my Project Night / work friends (Jen and Sheila).  The personality and style mid-point of these two awesome dudes.  (And I desperately wish I had the go-get-em of the third friend, Shiela.)

On an unrelated note I have something quite amazing in my yard to photograph and share, but it will have to wait for tomorrow.  Now I’m off to do things in the real world.  Like sleep.

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I have actually been creating! And not only creating, but finishing!! Wait, that deserves a few more exclamation points… !!!!! In addition to starting my 314th unfinished project I have completed three Christmas presents. (No pictures until I deliver them.) Except now I will have to call it May-mas. Ah well.

The newest work in progress is altering a floor length hippie (wedding?) dress into a summer frock for me. I bought it at a thrift store mainly because it fit so well and it was probably all of $3. Plus I could use it as a Halloween costume. Here is a glimpse of it in the works with more to follow once I find the before picture .

PS- To my dear, patient Pay It Forward pals: I am working diligently to get your packages out too!

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yay, mama

This weekend was a good get-off-my-butt weekend and it ended with a nice night spent driving up to deliver this card I scribbled and visiting with my mom on Mother’s Day.  We don’t get to see enough of each other and I like to surprise her.  I really admire what she did/does for us and I totally respect every mother out there (and mom-types including the steps, in-laws, mentors, lunch ladies, and neighbors who plant flowers for you) because, dang that job is hard…and scary.

The rest of the weekend was spent like this…

Friday I got to hang out with the girls and a very excited golden retriever named Tucker.  This is what Tucker looked like as long as we were willing to pick up a slobbery tennis ball:

And then, even though we were supposed to be having Project Night we ended up in a board game fight-to-the-death (Bloods versus Crips):

Then Saturday was full of thrifting and Second Saturday art walk with the ever-lovely Jen and this fabulous Mr. Man creation:

A turkey, avocado, cucumber sandwich with Imberico cheese and cilantro dressing!

All in all a lovely time!

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I think the hardest part of a blog for me is to come up with a catchy title. “Stuff” obviously doesn’t fall into the catchy category. But I really just wanted to share some photos from my office/art room that I have lying around. Kind of like cleaning out the cupboards…

A vignette on top of my fabric shelves. That fantastically cheesy mirror in the back was $6 from a thrift store. And as anyone who thrifts knows, $6 is pretty darn expensive. The vintage wool hat was a Secret Santa gift (score!), and the box was handmade by one of my dads.

And this can be found on the other side of the room:

The second card in for my spring series.

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pastoral (ie: weedy)

I have been very photographer-y lately (much to Mr. Man’s annoyance, I’m sure) and snapped even more photos of ‘ye great olde outdoors’ in it’s spring splendor.  Here is a shot that would lead you to believe that we live in a woodsy meadow with ripe berries that we make into tasty pies:

We do not.  We live in suburbia.  In a house from 1979.  With a weedy backyard that we only mow 1/4 at a time because cutting down a 4-foot tall dandelion plant is no mean feat.

More pastoral evidence beauty:

And then, when I am done running around our yard taking pictures I rip up some of the spring-ness and shove it in my homemade lightbox and take more pictures:

I do so love to make weeds look pretty.  Am I crazy?

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