brought to you by the number 4

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brought to you by the number 4

A well-educated fuzzy caterpillar from my weekend hike with the girls. Most of my pics turned out horribly so here are some I stole from Sheasy’s Flickr.

pathway we \

I hope she doesn’t sue me. Or break my kneecaps.

There is a rooster in a tree across the street. Really. Not a real rooster, but a large, white, feathery, fake rooster is really in the tree. It has been there for quite some time and I am dying to go take a picture before the leaves cover it up.

Did you know that only one animal other than humans –a type of small monkey I believe –has been known to give food to its neighboring small monkeys when they weren’t related and they wouldn’t get anything in return? They were documented being spontaneously “nice.” Only one other animal! (From my beloved Smithsonian magazine.) Those darn pandas aren’t as sweet as they seem!

My brother went to Japan!!! And he didn’t tell me beforehand!!! And that means I will blackmail him for pictures to share!!!

Tonight we watched half of “Margot at the Wedding” (even though Sheasy may have possibly warned me against it or some other “wedding” movie). We Netflixed it –I just made that a verb—because we liked Squid and the Whale, also by Noah Baumbach, and it stars Jack Black and Nicole Kidman. I know! Weird star combo. However, we only watched half because we were thoroughly skeeved out by the icky and not entirely coherent strangeness peppered throughout. [One side note: a lot of the stuff that Jack Black’s character said totally sounds like Mr. Man.]

And lastly, I am writing this at 11pm because I don’t want to go to bed. I am no longer eight years old, I promise.


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