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ties and such

I am on a roll with the watercolor cards! A friend of mine, who I sadly no longer work with, had a birthday recently and I scribbled out a wacky tie as a way of offering a vintage tie headband of her choice from my stash. Now let’s all cross our fingers that I get it done this weekend (and maybe even the Christmas presents that I swear I will actually finish).
And now, some random things that I have starred in my Google Reader (get an account already!):
Let me know if you have any random links that have caught your eye recently!


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salad days

salad card
I had a blast with my first foray into watercolor in quite some time. I sketched out a few salad fixings and colored it up as a card for my sweet sister-in-law. (The gift was a wooden salad bowl set.) On the inside I included a pea salad recipe that I recently subjected my unsuspecting coworkers to.
And this is all very weather-appropriate because right now Mother Nature is thinking to herself that it would be very funny if she skipped right over Spring and busted out the freakin’ SUMMER HEAT ALREADY! Ack.
Mother Nature? I am a pale, pale lass. And I am a delicate wilting flower. Have some pity on a fool.
(Because Mother Nature could learn some manners from Mr. T.)

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inspiration board

inspiration twigs

This is my makeshift inspiration board in the new room.  I tacked some grapevine (?) twigs up and tucked in random bits that were floating around.  Right now it is very self-focused, though.  Everything is something I have made with the exception of the tattoos on the far left.

all my sons apple tree

My favorite bit is this tree sketch in the center.  It is one of my very first doodles from my very first set design in my very first scenography class–and I still like it.  (I was once a theatre set designer in a past life.)  The tree is a spindly apple tree from Arthur Miller’s All My Sons.  Not to get all political and deep, but the theme of mutual responsibility is oh-so-relevant today.

Now to leave on a lighter note, I give you the world’s most helpful cat:

ready for assembly

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sandwiches and beer

As fond as I am of re-using cardboard boxes for fancy-schmancy storage solutions, there comes a time in a girl’s life when she needs to break down and buy a real, actual-to-goodness sewing basket.  And by “real” I of course mean a beat-up, black, vintage, construction worker type of lunch box. 



(More newly organized craft room pics coming soon.  Cuz somebody has to document how clean this room can be before I destroy it.)

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spring is here


Celebration of the (short-lived) spring that we are getting in northern California.   It has been very nice out, but is already starting to heat up!  The little piece above will evolve into a card to sell in my upcoming shop. And for a behind-the-scenes look, here is my newest sketchbook–a pad of tracing paper.


You can faintly see my notes about this spring card on the middle right side under the top sheet of wild doodling.

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under my skin

So being a total list-nerd I am slightly jealous that I didn’t get on the NaNoBloMo wagon because the March theme is lists!

But I’m going to write a few anyway. Because I am gangsta like that.

Pet Peeves (and yes, I keep a running list):

  • Bologna (the nasty pressed meat product, not the Italian city–yay Italia!)
  • Donald Trump’s hair (how did that man ever get anyone to take him seriously?)
  • Unsolicited hiccup remedies (no, I am not convulsing involuntarily because I don’t know your Aunt Mabel’s patented miracle cure)
  • Gunk around where a Band-Aid was (as if cutting myself with scissors when I am 26 years old wasn’t bad enough)
  • Carrot & raisin mayonnaise salad (WHY?!?) *
  • People who wave in the background of on-location newscasts (that does NOT make you famous)
  • Hunched-shoulder model pose (beautiful women in beautiful clothes do NOT look more beautiful when they are hunched forward with their hands on their hips like they are about to vomit while delivering a lecture to their poodle Floofy)

Guilty Pleasures:

  • Cheesy dance movies (especially when kids of different socio-economic backgrounds fall in love while exhibiting their mad skills)
  • Cheesy teacher movies (I just need some baggy 90’s  dresses and some kids with hard lives who nevertheless come to find the joy of learning and I’ll be just like Michelle Pfieffer!)
  • Email forward quizzes (I consider a blog like one giant “read-all-about-me” email quiz without the questions)
  • Lists

*Is it weird that I can be irritated by certain food?

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