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Two summers ago Mr. Man and I were fortunate enough to spend almost 6 weeks (!) in the UK. Thanks to our incredibly generous parents (thank you Mom and Dad and Papa and Other Mom and Other Dad!!!) and our lovely friends, we were able to travel around England, Scotland, and Wales right after I became Mrs. Man.

Rather than a “honeymoon” we renamed it Adventuremoon, because that was one heck of a trip. And every so often when I start reminiscing, or get the urge to adjust some contrast, I dive into the folder of 1100+ shots from the trip. The one above is of a tower on top of a hill in southeastern England and the one below is from inside looking out. Mr. Man can cook AND take amazing pictures!



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just helpin

oh hai

I have a very helpful, thoughtful, kind little cat.  She likes to run around like a batshit-crazy horse  calmly stroll through the house.  And when I sew she likes to politely watch over everything I do, you know, to help point out where I could make some minor changes. 

watcha doin?

right here

I love her.

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Some photos of cracked, wrinkled concrete sidewalks that I found on a walk this weekend with Mr. Man. Don’ t you just love them?! I love them.




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No, I most certainly was not getting rid of any weeds. What sort of person would I be if I actually pulled weeds?! Bah.
No, I created weeds with pen, sewing machine, and tracing paper. This is just a prototype of where I want to go with the background but I managed to get the general feel right, so I consider it a mild success. Back when I started bending the wire portion it wasn’t supposed to be anything in particular, but it came out looking like a grasshopper so I’m running with it. (Running. Not hopping with it. Because anyone who is sorely tempted to make some sort of hopping pun is dumb. Or very tired and should be getting herself to bed.)

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not as psychic as john edwards

This is SO weird.  A few years ago I had to keep a dream journal for an English class.  Writing everything down really helped me remember the visuals of the dreams and even now a few stick out.  One included something about a swimming race-to-the-death in an outdoor cement pool.  (I’m not a swimmer.)  And the other day I found this picture via NotCot of a basement pool in a house designed by Francois & DeWolf:


Just take out the stairs and roof and you are looking at the EXACT pool from my dream.  The mottled cement, the wall at the end of the pool, the shape, EVERYTHING. 

Weird.  I love it.

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jewelry with a cause

Buying handmade is a fantastic experience. You get to support an independent artist or craftperson while laying claim to a one-of-a-kind item in return. Finding an artist that also works to support worthy causes (other than the very worthy cause of being able to feed themselves) is icing on the cake.

I recently discovered Sprout on Etsy and asked the very talented proprietor if I could share her striking jewelry. From her Etsy profile: “Sprout Jewelry is created by NYC artist Krista DeJoseph …and is committed to supporting the individuals and not-for-profit organizations who work to make our world a better place.”

Besides these gorgeous pieces that I am drooling over:



She also uses the proceeds of specific pendants to fund a very personal scholarship and to help struggling women:

infin.jpg koru.jpg

100% of all profit from the Koru pendant (on right) funds a scholarship started in memory of her boyfriend who was lost to leukemia. To be able to turn such a heart wrenching loss into a beautiful symbol that will empower future students is an outstanding gift.

I am inspired.

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i’m scattered

I am quite scattered.  But I got plenty done today (including starting a sentence with “but”): 


  • New vintage tie cuff for the craft fair.
  • Made my hair stand up in a Mohawk. 


  • Mocked up a card for my brother (in-law) Jebb to use. 
  • Positively didn’t spend several hours on the internet and didn’t check my reader several times in the same hour. 


  • Had a photo shoot with this fabulous lucky kitty from Kat.  (Please note that although this is about as far from my personal style as you can get—with the glittery and the pink and the other shade of pink—I absolutely adore this thing.  It sits above me while I sew.)
  • Thought about cleaning up my craft room.  
  • Maybe possibly got back on the internet.  (Shall addiction become part of my vocabulary now?)

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