tis still the season, dagnabit

January 13, 2008 at 6:49 pm Leave a comment

Christmas was big and juicy this year.  Mr. Man and I celebrated 5 separate x-mases (which he likes to point out is NOT a pop-culture text-message abbreviation of Christmas, but actually the way the ancient Greeks used to signify the J-Man.  Irony intended).  First we had my parents and baby brother over for dinner.  I love how the depression glassware turned out on our table…

xmas 07 table

Then Christmas with his lovely family, then us, then off to Seattle to see my brother and his lovely girlfriend, and finally even further north to visit my “might-as-well-be-my-sister” dear friend and her family.  Phew.  And guess how many pictures of our long, but pretty drive I got?  And of all the Rock Band playing we did in Seattle?  And of the intense board games played against a vicious 6-year old, and the gangly puppy we got to enjoy in Bellingham?  Next to none.  What I do have is on my cell phone.  And despite being only 26, I don’t know how to use the dang thing.  I can already feel my future teenagers rolling their eyes at me.

And by way of feeling spoiled…I received some wonderful gifts from my generous loved ones, including a new sewing machine right after breaking my 26-year old Kenmore, Rock Band, a Zune, and some lovely quiet visiting time with these kids who live TOO FAR AWAY! and their new puppy:


 Christmas really didn’t feel complete until I got to Washington.


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