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tattoos for me

Not really.  Because I am a wimp.  But I found these fantastic temporary tattoos in some Japanese candy I got in my stocking this year.  (Courtesy of a cool brother, from a cool store in Seattle.)1-30-08003.jpg

When did you ever see such a great toy in a box of food?  


And while I am being a fancy photographer, this is what my cat Chicken Noodle does…


She is LICKING the beautiful handmade walnut box my dad gave me.  See the slobbery delicate little tongue?


At least this is a step up from her licking the yellowing sewing machine cover.  Her tastes in inanimate objects are maturing.


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Anybody who knows me, knows I love the books. But I also need to remember they are not sacred texts to be preserved from the mutilations of a mere mortal. So I am using a poorly** written early-reader book as a scribbling flexing-my-art-muscles journal. Just lines and dots, but muy fun.




**The poorly written early-reader novel…


According to the back of “Watermelon Mystery” the Sugar Creek Gang are always “bounding into adventures filled with suspense, mystery, and laughter.” They are “fun-filled, life-loving boys who never have a dull day.” Except that the fun-filled part appears to be when Little Les describes the water content of watermelons. I kid you not. (Page 40). And the suspenseful part? When he is snooping as Little Jim writes a mysterious, possibly devious letter only to discover that he is simply reminding his friend to study for Sunday school (Page 94).  And what kind of young live-loving boy knows exactly how much his dad weighs?!?

I offer my condolences to any young boy who picked up these books expecting a rollicking good time.
They are lame.

Someone who knows how to properly deface a book: Brian Dettmer


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shameless pimping

My crafty friend Sheasy has a shop. On Etsy. It has way cute pin cushions…


and lovely little hearts for sale in it…



Do you not respond well to Valentine’s Day? Do you dislike so freakin’ much pink and red all at once?


Then these colorful, plump, hand-stitched little goodies are what you’re looking for. Go pick one up to celebrate general happiness in an unconventional way.

Nice additions to other gifts, or super simple way to remind someone you heart them. (PS: There is a touch of natural lavender in each. I used to think I disliked lavender because I disliked lavender-scented crud, but the real stuff is heavenly.)

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because I am random

And because I spend way too much time on the internet.

For your linking pleasure:


For anyone who doubted that dolphins are some seriously smart dudes via CuteOverload (good site for de-stressing).

For anyone who needs some infectious baby laughter and, like me, lives under a rock when it comes to You Tube; via the funny All & Sundry.

Currently Starred in my Google Reader:

Mana: gorgeous modern jewelery made from upcycled materials. (Pic at top of post.)

Dabbled’s Anti-Valentine contest.


Did you know they can put circuitry on contact lenses now?!? Via NotCot, of course.

If I knew how to knit I would do something crazy like this dissected frog by Crafty Hedgehog.


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While sewing today I was belatedly kicking myself for not taking photos of the wedding present I had sewn last August for my dear friend Bruce. Lisa Solomon‘s color chip art:

Lisa Solomon

was my first inspiration for looking at the sewing machine as a big, noisy paintbrush. That, and a conversation over sandwiches with Jen, led me to sew up an abstract thought on Bruce’s upcoming wedding as a gift. But I am not so good about documenting before giving. So instead, here is what thinking about my love of line in art—and getting back to using the sewing machine as a tool—got me today.



Some quick-as-I-can, linen-y experimentation.

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not new

Starting points…











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some is better than none

half moon bay cypress grove

Some Is Better Than None is my theory that every little environmentally-friendly action is better than none. It can even be a hobby you already have, like growing your own veggies alongside your flower garden. Basically, it comes from my worry that plenty of people give up because they think that being green means you have to go to the extreme (No Impact Man).

Banish that though. Because even one teeny-tiny-minuscule little thing you do helps more than not doing that one teeny little thing. Pure, mathematical logic. 0+1 is greater than 0. It certainly isn’t as big as 0+142, but it is still bigger than 0.

What about carpooling just once a week, if you can? Heck, what about just once a month? Seriously. That once a month is better than never. (Benefit to you: less stress and maybe make a friend at work.)

Rather than ordering take-out one night, invite friends over for a potluck dinner party. (Benefit to you: less cost for more social impact.)

Don’t worry about how much that adds up to. Don’t worry whether or not your efforts count in the bigger picture. Just take pride in whatever amount you can do, not what you “should” do. Because Some Is Better Than None.

Google Transit (for figuring out public transportation schedules in certain cities)

Paperback Swap (cheaper-than-buying alternative to your free library)

USPS pick-ups at your door (if you mail packages often, rather than driving to the post office)

OneSquare Foot (help them out by adding to their trivia collection)

Reuse clean, outer cardboard boxes from food packages (storage, kids art projects, organization…)

Geekware (fun, geeky, repurposed gifts)

Shop and donate to thrift stores (some support a good cause like Goodwill, Weave)

And on that note, here are two of my all-time favorite thrifted finds. A chunky painted ring and over-the-top floral silk scarf:



To any browsers/lurkers/regulars out there: please share what little, teeny, tiny thing you do.

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